Architectural Consulting For
Homeowner's Associations

Today's Homeowners' Associations and Management Companies have the responsibility of administering thousands, if not millions, of dollars of their member's money to renovate and repair Association property. This can be a daunting task with the intricacies of construction and finance in today's litigious environment.

The firm of Ronald H. Banco, Architect offers years of experience not only in architecture, but also as a Board member on numerous boards and committees. This enables us to assist you in the myriad of issues you face regarding repairs, reconstruction, and the related funding. There are a number of services we can provide to help your Association function more efficiently.


Many Homeowners' Associations find it advantageous to utilize an outside professional to review and advise them on applications. In addition to our design training and construction expertise, we can offer an objective perspective, alleviating the possibility of a neighbor to neighbor conflict.


The customary method of obtaining contracts is for the Management Company to solicit proposals from a list of pre-approved vendors. While this works well for small routine jobs, as the projects become larger and more complicated, such as deck, roofing, and siding replacement, it becomes increasingly important to have someone with construction and design expertise representing you.

In addition to researching construction methods and materials, we help evaluate the scope, necessity of the work required and prepare the construction contracts that represent the Association's best interests.


If required, we can develop a complete range of Construction Documents including Autocad drawings and specifications as well as bid and bond forms for any type of project from surveying to complete construction. We also provide assistance in the bidding procedure as well as analysis and recordation of the respective bids.

Additionally, we are equipped to serve as the Association's agent during construction, assuring you the construction conforms to the plans and specifications.


Whereas you are dealing with the Membership's money, it is imperative you have a record of decisions made on their behalf. We maintain continuous records of meetings with the client and with the contractor(s) related to work performed. This also provides future Boards with documentation of the work, avoiding expensive duplication of effort.


Our firm is equipped to assist you in assessing damages which have accumulated over the years. As the aggregate cost of these repairs can be millions of dollars, it is imperative you obtain professional consultation to maximize the value you receive for the investment of repairing your property. The cost of these repairs can vary greatly, and we can help you avoid unnecessary work, consequently reducing the cost to your Association.


We are pleased to offer an annual retainer program which provides a discount on hourly fees for one year in addition to the following;

  • Unlimited brief telephone calls from your Management Company or some other representative designated by the Board of Directors on any matter related to the maintenance or reconstruction of Association property (excluding litigation).
  • Create electronic and paper files for your project at no charge.
  • Attend one annual meeting of your association at no charge.
  • Attend one regular meeting at no charge.

Our purpose is to provide quality Architectural services and Construction Quality Control at an affordable cost to Homeowner Associations.

Please feel free to contact us at the numbers located on the contact us page as we would be happy to discuss our services with you and answer any questions you might have.